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Sterilized Series 100g Cat Food-Deep Sea Fish and Shrimp
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Sterilized Series 100g Cat Food-Deep Sea Fish and Shrimp

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Murando is headquartered in Turin, Italy, and was the first family business in Italy to start producing and selling pet food. For more than 60 years, we have focused on pet food, meeting the needs of European and international markets with precise quality, professional technology and strict selection of products.

Ⅰ. Features of Murando:

1. Innovation + Security

Behind each of Murando's products is supported by professional surveys. By accurately understanding the needs of pet owners and pets, customized nutrition solutions are targeted. In order to make the product have the best palatability, Murando will conduct at least 200 palatability surveys each year to adjust the product in time to ensure that the taste of the product keeps up with the increasingly discerning taste of pets.

The company's technical team has never stopped looking for new solutions and technologies, constantly improving products and developing new formulas to improve the health and well-being of pets.

2. Green & Environment

Molando has been paying attention to the impact of production on the environment, and constantly updated the use of new technologies to achieve a win-win situation in production and environmental protection. In 2007, it obtained a comprehensive environmental authorization. The company is continuously committed to maximizing the use of energy, using the most advanced technology and equipment, and has obtained a white certificate of energy efficiency issued by the European Union.

3. Factory quality certification

The production plant in Moulin Duomo has two of the most important quality certifications.

ISO 3001: 2008 quality management system certification, IFS (International Food Standard) certification

4. No animal testing

For animal welfare, Murando never tests on animals. All palatability tests are performed by professional European testing centers. In these professional institutions, cats and dogs serving as "gourmets" are made between two kinds of pet food Choose to analyze palatability.

5. No transgene

Genetically modified ingredients are not suitable for use in all of Murando's products.

6. Without preservatives

No artificial preservatives are added to all of Murantau's products.

Ⅱ. History of Murando:

955 1955: Mangimi Morando & c.s.a.s. launches wet pet food in Nive (Cuneo Province) under the brands Vitto Dog and Vitto Cat.

1974: Opening of a new production facility in Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantua Province.

1980s: Mangimi Morando & c.s.a.s. became Morando S.p.A. and began exporting products overseas (Spain and the former Yugoslavia). Launch of the Mio Cane and Mio Gatto brands.

1981: Andezeno (Turin) dry pet food production facility opens.

1994: Production of wet pet food cans begins at the Molfetta (Bari) plant.

1997: Migliorcane and Migliorgatto brands are born. 2007: The size of the Andezeno plant has doubled.

2009: Development of a new single-service product line at Molfetta.

2011: Morando launches the new Migliorgatto I Deliziosi and Migliorcane I preferred series.

2014: Morando launches Miocane and Miogatto, premium products designed for professionals and pharmacies.

2015: Miocane, Miogatto and Migliorgatto sterilization production lines were named as Italian products of the year 2015. The company has established an automated warehouse at its headquarters in Andezeno, with more than 7,000 pallets. Space and new packaging lines to create state-of-the-art formats such as bags.

2016: Remodeling of the classic product line; launch of Miocane Monoproteico, Miogatto Pate Supreme and Miocane Vero Pate. Launch of Migliorcane UNICO and Migliorgatto UNICO. 2017: Migliorcane UNICO and Migliorgatto UNICO were selected as Italian products of 2017.

2018: Migliorcane UNICO and Migliorgatto UNICO extension cables.

Ⅲ. Product introduction of Menglanduo:

[Classic Series] The classic models have been sold for 60 years, but the taste upgrade has never stopped. It has the best palatability and is one of the most popular brands in Italy.

Baked Shredded Cat Food: Shredded Cat Food 100g

Cattle Cat Food: Salmon 100g

[Sterilization Series] Because cats undergo sterilization surgery, their hormone levels and daily calorie consumption have changed. Murando Sterilization Series Cat Food is tailored for sterilized cats, avoiding the risk of overweight cats, allowing cats to enjoy the most healthy life. Choose only five favorite cats out of countless flavors to ensure that your cats are full of food when they are healthy. There are popular traditional meat paste series, mousse series designed for the most discerning cats, and a series of meat pieces that make cats "big", which can meet the various needs of different cats.

Meat Cat Food Series: Salmon Rice 100g, Deep Sea Fish and Shrimp 100g / 400g

Mousse Cat Food Series Taste: Rabbit Meat 100g, Deep Sea Fish 100g

Cat's Food Catfish Series Flavor: Salmon 85g, Deep Sea Fish and Shrimp 85g

[Professional series] Tailored by a professional nutritionist for pets, it provides complete and balanced choices for cats at different stages, regardless of age, to choose the most suitable three meals a day for your pet, bringing the healthiest Life experience. According to the pet's age and size, it provides balanced calories and nutrition, which can not only maintain the ideal weight, but also provide sufficient energy for daily liveliness and cuteness.

Flavored Cat Food Series: 100g Ham, 100g Tuna and Deep Sea Fish

Cattle Meat Cat Food Series Taste: 100g salmon, 100g tuna and trout

[Unique series] The unique series is a product created to meet the most demanding needs of pets. The true grain-free wet food uses a single protein formula. Designed for small and medium size cats and dogs, it is rich in vitamin E, B vitamins and vitamin D3, which can improve the mental state of pets and promote intestinal absorption. The gluten-free design ensures that the pet's nutritional intake meets the requirements and avoids the phenomenon of pets not digesting grains; the single protein formula allows pets to avoid ingredients that are difficult to digest or cause allergies.

Baked Mud Dog Food Series Taste: Pork Ham 100g / 300g

Mousse Cat Food Series Taste: Pork Ham 85g

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