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I. Introduction of Ai Lupei Brand:

Allerpet inc. Is located in Georgia, USA. Its pet skin care product, Allerpet Pet Skin Care Solution, has been sold since 1988 and has been focusing on the health of human pets for more than 30 years. The processing experience is a solid backing for our market promotion.

Ⅱ.How to use Ai Lu Pei Pet Skin Care Solution:

When using it, lightly moisten the special towel with Ai Lupei, wipe it against the pet's skin and hair with reverse hair, and wipe it all over the body. You can increase the dosage on the private parts of the pet, 1-2 times a week. There are many skin problems, which can be increased to 3 times a week. Wipe dry or dry naturally after use, without washing.

Cleaning care can be realized in one step without washing, cleaning and deodorizing, so that pets can experience the refreshing feeling from beginning to end. Targeted elimination of allergens that cause allergies to owners, so that owners can easily suck cats and dogs, so love is not burdensome.

Ⅲ.three major effects of Ai Lu Pei pet skin care solution:

1. Resolving owner allergies caused by pets

Fel D1 protein and other important allergens that cause pet owners' allergy are mainly present in saliva and sebaceous glands of cats and dogs. With the pet's own activities (such as cat licking hair, strong secretion of sebaceous glands after dog exercise, etc.), allergens are widely present on pet's skin and hair, and are distributed along with pet's dander metabolism and hair loss. In the living environment of the owner, the inhalation of allergic factors by the owner causes sneezing, runny nose, and itchy skin. The allergic chain that causes allergy to the owner is shown in the following figure:

Ai Lupei brings a new solution to strengthen the skin and allow pets to reduce dandruff metabolism, remove allergens attached to dander and hair in a targeted manner, and control the allergen carrier. Closer to the source than traditional methods. Controlling from the root causes people to be closer to pets, the most convenient to use and the best effect.

2. Solve pet's own skin problems

Pets are often troubled by skin conditions in their lives, such as pruritus, dandruff, and odors. Ai Lu Pei cleans and cares with two fists, cleaning and care complement each other. Use a unique formula to keep pet skin hydrated and strong, free from dandruff and itchy skin. Keep your pet's water and oil balance, clean the oxidized sebum, and let the pet get rid of the trouble of odor.

3. Provide high-quality skin and hair care for pets

Enriched with multi-plant extracts, unique formula ratio, tailor-made for thin and tender pet skin. In addition to cleansing, skin conditioning, hydrating and moisturizing are all in one step. It is SKⅡ fairy water for pets.

Only healthy skin can grow bright hair. Elite is rich in plant extracts, which can effectively improve the skin's water and oil balance, make pet skin hydrated and strong, and the hair that grows out is bright and healthy.

Ⅳ.Two major user groups:

1. Consumer groups in need of solutions

Consumers suffering from pet allergies can save time and effort by using Alupei. From the close to the source, the effect is remarkable, so that the owner and the pet are intimate.

Consumers whose pets suffer from sub-health problems of their skin, using Alupei from the source, pets' skin is strong and healthy, and they will naturally get rid of sub-health.

2. Consumer groups with high-end demand

Ai Lu Pei is rich in plant extracts, which are complementary to cleansing and care. It can improve the skin condition of pets. It can be said to be a fairy water in pets.

I want pet's hair to be bright and beautiful, and healthy skin is essential. Every time I use Lupe, I'm doing SPA for pets.

For people using SK, cats have Lupe. Elupert is the number one choice for high-end pet care.

V. Product introduction:

Ai Lu Pei pet skin care solution is divided into three categories, namely cat type, dog type and universal type. The universal type is intended for small pets such as rabbits, mice, and parrots, and can also be applied to cats and dogs.

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