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Ultrasonic scalpel
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Ultrasonic scalpel

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◆ It is mainly for inquiries about basics, function and operation for doctors.

1. SonoCure is an animal medical device approved by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. So it cannot be used on hospital patients.

2. Sound waves are transmitted by vibrations of a specific number of cycles in the air. Exceeding 20KHz is called ultrasound, and Sono Care can reach 25KHz.

3. SonoCare is a metal knife that is driven by ultrasonic waves to break the tissue, so if the metal knife cannot reach and contact the tissue, it cannot break the tissue.

4. SonoCare is a multi-functional surgical machine that can send water to the front of a metal knife, break tissue, and suck.

5. US Power in the operation panel is the abbreviation of Ultra.Sonic.Power, which means ultrasonic force. Strength-the strength of the vibration amplitude-the breaking force. Irrigation means water injection. It is often used in medicine for an intestinal irrgation < Wash the intestines> etc. It means the amount of water produced by a metal knife. Suction means suction.

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6. After startup, the LCD button of US Power will display as 10% instead of 0%. The highest is 100%. Irrigation will display as 16ml / min. The water absorption is set to 16ml for one minute. Each time the rotator rotates once It is 16cc. A simple description can be imagined as the amount of water in a half syringe, and a syringe is 10cc. Like the LCD button of US Power, it will not be displayed as 0, the minimum display is 10ml, the maximum is 40ml, and the amount of water Adjustable, the adjustment unit is 2ml. The LCD button of Suction is displayed as 2. It is also not set to 0. The minimum is 1, and the maximum is 4.

7. After startup, the IRR Prime light on the operation panel lights up to indicate that water will be sent to the front of the metal knife. IRR actually means that the first 3 letters of Irrigation are taken. Prime means preparation. In short, it means water delivery and water injection. The ready signal. If you press the light switch, the water will start to feed according to the rotation of the rotator. If you keep it for 2 minutes, it will automatically stop and enter the ready state. Usually you don't have to wait for 2 minutes. If confirmed, you can manually enter the ready state.

8. Press the Stand By system, the lamp will light up and then enter the ready state. In the ready state, the water supply and suction will stop at the same time. When the rotor stops, it means that the water supply stops, and when the Suction Valve is closed, it means that the suction stops.

9. When the Filter light is on, it means that the filter needs to be replaced. When the cumulative start-up time is 200 hours or 6 months of use, the light will be on, indicating that it needs to be replaced. IRR Cover is a warning cover that is not closed. Just turn the cover off. HP is the abbreviation of Hand Piece. The light will turn on when HP fails to connect. Connect the HP well. If it is properly connected, it will make a "click" sound.

10. CPU error light is flashing. CPU is short for Central Processing Unit. It is a computer central processing unit. Because it is an internal problem of the computer, it cannot be processed immediately. You can turn off the power first and wait for 10 seconds before starting, if the light is still flashing , Can only be delivered to Tokyo Medical Research Corporation for repair,

11. There are 20 types of LCD of Error Code. 11,12,13 are the warnings of the frequency of the cycle. In many cases, it is 11 that the frequency of the cycle exceeds the specified upper limit and 12 is the frequency of the cycle that exceeds the specified lower limit, or the installation of Handpiece and metal knife, There is also heating caused by the suction stop due to foreign objects, and the metal knife or metal knife covering may be worn or damaged. 21, 22, 23, 24 are warnings of abnormal vibration. 31, 32, 33 are Irrigation Pump abnormal warning. 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 are Suction abnormal warnings. 51, 52, 53 are program abnormal warnings (internal programs).

◆ Pipe group circuit, Handpiece set combination


12. The tube group is basically disposable. It is roll-shaped and retractable. The two ends are separated after opening. One end is a clean area and the other is an unclean area. The clean area is connected to the Handpiece. For water supply, the inner diameters are 6mm and 4mm, respectively. The suction side is relatively large. The unclean area is also divided into two ends, one end is equipped with a raw water needle and the other end is a Ferrule connected to a waste liquid bottle. One end is fed with water, while Ferrule is drawn. Raw food water is attached with a needle cap, and the tube set needs to be covered when it is discarded after use, so be careful not to lose it.

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The order of assembly. Because the HP Angle Cover is very similar to the HP IRR Cover, the HP IRR Cover is often installed behind the HP Angle Cover. This is wrong. The assembly order just remember to start with the large components, HP Angel Cover = > Tip => HP IRR Cover => Tipcover. It can be as large as possible. When you install the Sterillization tarque wrench, you can tighten it properly after hearing a “click”. If you tighten it with excessive force, Handpiece and Sterillization tarque The wrench may break.

14. Description of the container. Discarded liquid bottles. There are 4 air vents in the lid part, but only the VACUUM in the middle and the mouthpiece of PATIENT are used during the operation. The 4 air vents are printed with English names. Insert the filter tube into VACUUM, and the ferrule from the dirty area into PATIENT. In fact, this waste liquid bottle is of great significance, not just as simple as a waste liquid bottle. The suction of Sono Cure is a strong negative force from the inside of the container. The pressure is formed. During the operation, the bottle cap will be pushed in, but this is because the inside of the container is close to a vacuum. Therefore, if the bottle cap or the tube is not properly connected, a part of the bottle cap may crack and cause negative pressure. Can't keep it, loses attraction.

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