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In 2009, Shandong Jiulong Hisince Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in Jinan High-tech Zone students Pioneering Park, is a professional commitment to veterinary raw materials and intermediates production of high-tech enterprises. In 2009, the company invested 30 million in the shop business park to establish factories, covering more than 30 acres, the main production of veterinary drugs and intermediates, the main varieties of animal antipyretic analgesics - Ammonia, the prevention and treatment of respiratory disease drug - tiemi test star, the latest generation of veterinary anti-pear pteris disease drugs - dipropionate diphenyl phthalide, animal cephalosporins antibiotics - cefotaxime hydrochloride, antipyretic anti-inflammatory Medicine - kaplatin calcium and other seven varieties. The company invested 5 million to establish the GMP fine baking shop, successfully passed the GMP acceptance, and obtain the corresponding product production number.

We attach importance to customer demands and market demand, and actively explore domestic and international markets. In the domestic market, our products cover all the provinces; in the international market, our products all over the continents, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, India and so on, you can see Jiulong Product figure.

We attach importance to the development of new products, 2016 to obtain the Ministry of Agriculture three types of new veterinary drug registration certificate - Tilmicosin Phosphate, approved municipal high-tech enterprises. 2014 commitment to the Ministry of Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund project, and in the end of 2016 by acceptance, access to special fund awards.

We attach importance to environmental protection and enterprise safety work. Environmental protection, safety procedures to improve the legitimate, 2017 investment of more than 200 million environmental management facilities have been put into operation, safety standardization work is higher than the implementation of national standards.

We value product quality and innovation. We set up our own technology research and development centers, continuous improvement to enhance product quality. We and Qilu University of Technology, Shandong Institute of Chemical Industry, and so have a good technical cooperation. We set up a professional quality assurance service team, the customer's questions quickly and timely response and solution.

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