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Jiulong Staff took a three days travel to Taihang Mountain

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Jiulong Staff took a three days travel to Taihang Mountain

In the Cold dew season ,the autumn air was fresh ,the distant mountains can be seen  clearly .

   After the Mid-Autumn festival , the weather is a little bit of cold , but it is a good season for the beautiful view. Shandong Jiulong Hisince Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is wanted to strengthen the concept of enterprise development , enrich the leisure culture life of employees , relieve their work pressure and take care of the them . The administration department organized staff to carry out a 3-days group tour of Taihang mountain .

 The first stop of the trip is red bean gorge , which is known as Chinas  first love gorge. In there , we mainly to feel the climbing charming and testing the endurance of people . There have winding mountain path and very ancient town inn . There have moist and fresh air . Its  like a fairyland on earth . Next day , we browsing Eight Spring gorge in Taihang mountain . We have visited the Tianhe waterfall where is the most famous waterfall in the scenic area . From the center of the Scenic area to the Tianhe waterfall have a winding mountain road ,both sides of the road are full kinds of wild trees . The air is particularly fresh . We walk along the path and the end of path is Tianhe waterfall . The magnificent waterfall was surprised and impressive by us . In the last stop , we have visited the Qinglong gorge scenic area , where have very natural scenery . In there , we have relaxed ourselves and finished our journey . 

 After the three days of travel , we was released ourselves from the work pressure , relaxed ourselves from body to mental . Everyone have a good spirits . After returning to the company , I am sure , everybody will have more enthusiastic and active in work .