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Warmly welcome Japan MITANI Industry to Visit Our Company

Release time:
On March 26, led by Weihai Hope Industry Co., Ltd., the MITANI SANGYO GO.,LTD from Japan, a total of 4 people paid a friendly visit to our company, and conducted an audit of three varieties of our company: Tilmicosin Phosphate, Tilmicosin and Sulfamonomethoxine sodium, which were planned to be purchased from our company.
The person in charge of procurement of MITANI had a detailed understanding of the current development situation, technical improvement of equipment and sales scope of Shandong Jiulong. The customer conducted audit for raw materials&finished products warehouse, production workshop, GMP workshop and laboratory. The technical personnel introduced the production and processing process of the main equipment of our company, the application scope and effect of the equipment and other related knowledge to the customer in detail. After introduction, the customer had a comprehensive understanding of the company's development process and products. The two sides discussed and exchanged the technical details of production. The leaders and relevant staff of the our company have provided detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers on production. Our rich professional knowledge and well-trained working ability have left a deep impression on customers.
Our company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, hard-working staff left a deep impression to customers, and the company executives on the future cooperation between the two sides for in-depth discussion, hope in the future cooperation projects we can achieve win-win business and development!