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Thespringbreezeispleasantandtheweatherisgood. Itisalsoagoodtimethateverything returntotheearthinspringandalsoagoodtimetoplanttrees.OnMar.15,2019,our companyorganizedallthestafftoplanttrees,althoughiti

The spring breeze is pleasant and the weather is good. It is also a good time that everything return to the earth in spring and also a good time to plant trees.

On Mar.15, 2019, our company organized all the staff to plant trees, although it is a little late, but we still insist on doing this every year!

At eight o 'clock in the morning, all the employees of the company gathered in our factory and began to work in groups. Due to the company's development planning needs, our planting activities are focused on platane trees move, plant willow trees, pruning rosebushes and watering willow trees、holly bushes and Chinese ash. We work together with full of energy, from digging, planting trees, soil to watering, we treated every step with patience and careful. Everyone of us cooperates with each other, the whole factory area is in full swing labor scene.

With the breezy wind, even the work is hard and the heavy workload, but our Jiulong family work together in order to create a new circumstance. Through this planting activity, everyone of us has got a lot of harvest, the company's flowers and plants owns the love and hope for all people. It will never withered just like our hope for Jiulong.

Watering trees is just like watering our hope!

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