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Jiulong Pharmaceutical established the technology research and development center in 2015, the annual sales revenue of 5% for R & D investment in order to achieve the diversification of product technology as the goal, has been established from the market research, development and design to trial production Development system, strive for technical reach the international advanced level.
Innovation platform: We set up our own technology research and development center, the company invested 6% per year as a scientific research costs.
R & D results: We have 3 invention patent certificate: a method of purification of imidazole phenylurea.
Talent echelon: We have a professional team, they are in product development, technical guidance, process improvement has a wealth of experience.
Foreign cooperation: we and Qilu University of Technology, Shandong Institute of Chemical Technology and other technical cooperation, their respective advantages, formed a research, development, production in one of the powerful system.